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FAQ - Perfume Samples

What can I expect when I order from Perfume Samples? Is everything real?

You can expect a 100% authentic decanted scent that has been manually transferred to the respective glass sample.

All our samples are provided with a spray lid so that the liquid is spread evenly and therefore does not have to be dabbed onto the skin like some other perfume samples.

The samples are provided with all necessary information in the form of a label (displaying the type of perfume (e.g. Eau de Toilette, Eau de Parfum, etc.), the brand and the specific perfume name per product.

How do I order perfume samples?
  1. Scroll through our selection of designer and niche perfume scents
  2. Choose the scent you want to test and the desired volume
  3. Add the order to your shopping cart
  4. Choose your payment method and follow the instructions

    If all else fails, you can always contact us via or the Shopify messenger, which is located at the bottom right of the page.
Decanting perfumes - What and how?

Decanting means transferring liquids from one location to another. More concretely, we decant and thus transfer perfume from the original bottles to smaller perfume samples. It is a delicate process in which we ensure that the original state of the fragrances is not affected.

Decanting and transferring the perfume to smaller samples is the best way to determine if you like the scent. Our perfume samples are perfect for "on the go" and ensure that you have your favorite scent with you everywhere and always. It's a unique and fun way to discover new scents without spending a lot of money.

Why are the samples packaged in glass bottles instead of plastic bottles?

To ensure quality and extend the lifespan, the samples are packed in glass atomizers. Although the glass is of high quality and therefore will not break easily, the samples must still be handled with care, as the risk of damage is greater compared to plastic variants.

How long will I get with a perfume sample?

How long the perfume sample you order will last depends on how much and how often you apply the scent. Each sample has, by estimate, a number of sprays that can be done:

  • Perfume sample 2ml: 30 sprays
  • Perfume sample 5ml: 75 sprays
  • Perfume sample 10ml: 150 sprays

For most fragrances, 4 to 7 sprays are sufficient.

How long does delivery and shipping take?


We currently ship to Belgium and the Netherlands. In the future, depending on demand, we can expand this to Europe/worldwide.

Postage costs

The shipping costs in Belgium are €5.70 and are waived for orders over €50.00.

The shipping costs for the Netherlands are €9.95 and are waived for orders over €50.00.

Since we decant the fragrances manually and only do this on order, we expect a shipping time of 2-7 working days. We cannot guarantee this period with certainty as delays with courier services can always occur. We have no control over this ourselves.

After placing your order you will always receive a shipping confirmation.

Can I return my sample?


A return will only be accepted if it concerns an unopened product. We have a return policy of 14 days after receiving your product.

Wrong smell, damage

Damage: Don't worry! If something is wrong (damage, wrong smell) we will provide a solution. Costs

We always ask you to send a photo of the delivered products for verification.

Always make sure that you enter the correct address details, we are not responsible if these details are incorrect.

Photos may be sent to

Can i cancel my order?

Canceling an order is possible when the order has not yet been shipped. We provide an order confirmation for each order, followed by a shipping confirmation. Didn't get this last one yet? Then cancellation is still possible.