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Fragrance family - Oriental

Oriental scents in perfumes are inspired by the enchanting and mysterious aromas of the Far East. These perfumes are often appreciated for their exotic and sensual character. Oriental scents add a sense of opulence, warmth and intrigue to perfumery.

Oriental perfumes contain an array of rich and intoxicating notes, such as vanilla, amber, incense, resins, herbs, and spices. These ingredients create complex and deep fragrance compositions that enchant the senses.

These scents can range from soft and sensual to intense and seductive, depending on the combination of oriental notes. They have the ability to evoke a sense of luxury and mystery and often conjure up images of lush oriental markets and exotic landscapes.

Oriental perfumes are for both men and women and have the ability to leave a lasting impression. They are often popular in autumn and winter because of their warm and enveloping nature, but can also be worn in other seasons for special occasions.

Women's Perfumes - Oriental

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