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Perfumer Olaf Larsen

"When people ask me where I'm from, I tell them I'm '100% German because of my father and 100% Colombian because of my mother.' I feel that my heritage and upbringing have given me a unique blend of traits and perspectives, inheriting the pragmatism and discipline often associated with Northern Europeans, while at the same time having the warm-heartedness and colorfulness attributed to South Americans. As a perfumer, I have found this multicultural melting pot to be a gift and strength that enriches my work.

After studying Industrial Engineering, I started working for Eurofragance in Dubai, where I quickly became fascinated by the cultures and scents of the Middle East and Asia. Through my travels and experiences I have gained a deep knowledge of different scents and their significance in different cultures. I see myself as a bridge between different cultures and fragrances, and I am proud to use my passion for perfumery to strengthen these connections.

My favorite olfactory family is the oriental, which I like to combine with the musky, animalistic scent of ambergris. This unlikely raw material has a fascinating story that I am happy to share with anyone interested in the world of fragrances and perfumery. I believe it's important to understand where the ingredients we use to create our personal fragrances come from, and how they can help us feel better.

Perfumer Olaf Larsen

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